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Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, the knowledge society – information and communications technologies form the backbone of today’s economies, stimulating innovation and competitiveness across all industries. The DiWiSH Cluster Management helps enterprises to harness the potential of cutting-edge information and communication technologies and promotes innovation in media and design. At present, around 170 companies are involved in a range of cluster activities. DiWiSH expert groups provide opportunities to invest in shared knowledge and collaborative projects.

Software expertise

Software development is one major area of activity. In its role as the head office of the Software Systems Engineering Expertise Network (Kompetenzverbund Software System Engineering – KoSSE), DiWiSH Cluster Management bundles the IT expertise of the University of Kiel and the University of Lübeck. It promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology – particularly in relation to automated software engineering and upgrading.

Shaping innovation

Design-oriented ideas and strategies can give companies a competitive edge when developing and marketing new products, especially if they are combined with hardware and software expertise. Meanwhile, design processes can provide excellent models for other processes of innovation. The DiWiSH Cluster Management therefore supports innovators in harnessing the potential of design expertise.

“Thanks to the accelerating rate of digitalisation, society and the economy are becoming ever more tightly interlinked. This is why DiWiSH is calling for smart strategies throughout the state.”

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Dr. Johannes Ripken
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Cluster in Action: DiWiSH 

From Schleswig-Holstein into the world

Xtext is an open source framework for the development of industrial software tools. It is used to develop programming and domain-specific languages. The primary brain behind the project is Sven Efftinge, co-founder of TypeFox GmbH in Kiel and passionate software developer. Initially published ten years ago, Xtext is now widely used in research as well as in small and large companies: companies such as Google, Bosch, Siemens, General Electric and many more are among the Xtext users.

Strong location

As a native of Schleswig-Holstein and passionate kite surfer, Sven Efftinge enjoys getting onto the water any time the wind blows. That is why, after receiving his education in Flensburg, he consciously decided against San Francisco or other international high-tech locations and instead used the advantages of Schleswig-Holstein. Through the management of the DiWiSH specialist group "Nordic Coding", he has been given opportunities to explore and further develop the latest software trends with developers from all over Northern Germany. In co-operation with the competence network Software Systems Engineering (KoSSE) in Kiel and Lübeck, innovative software projects have also been developed.

"The IT location in Schleswig-Holstein offers versatile connections for global networking of software competencies."
Moritz Eysholdt, Dr. Jan Köhnlein & Sven Efftinge
Moritz Eysholdt, Dr. Jan Köhnlein & Sven Efftinge