The primary aim of Schleswig-Holstein’s cluster policy is to bring together business, research and politics so that they can work hand in hand. We want to foster the transfer of knowledge and skills, promote common goals and shared ideas, and harness the potential for innovation across sectors and technologies.

The companies and research institutions involved in the clusters are working together to enhance their innovativeness and competitiveness. In doing so, they are establishing a shared foundation for dynamic, sustainable economic growth and for innovative new developments along the entire value chain. A good cluster policy is therefore a combination of economic, industrial, entrepreneurial and regional policies.

Schleswig-Holstein’s government supports cluster management in those future-oriented growth industries where the state already holds a successful track record. Our cluster policy is therefore responding to the EU’s call for “smart specialisation” across Europe’s regions. Cluster management is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by Schleswig-Holstein's own financial resources.

I hope that all companies and research institutions involved in our cluster initiatives will enjoy profitable collaborations – regional as well as cross-border – successful projects and marketable innovations, and that the people of Schleswig-Holstein will benefit from highly skilled, future- oriented jobs.

“Our clusters are the innovative power and center of our regional economy.”
Claus Ruhe Madsen
Claus Ruhe Madsen
Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism, State Government of Schleswig-Holstein