Advice and Support The Central Cluster Unit of Schleswig-Holstein

Professional and efficient cluster management significantly improves the performance and effectiveness of a cluster. This realization is no longer a secret at the national and international level. Therefore, in fall of 2015, an independent, higher-level cluster headquarters was established in Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to steering and control by State Ministers, it actively supports publicly funded cluster management in the design and optimization of its processes and structures.

In close collaboration with the cluster management, the cluster headquarters performs the following tasks:

  • Encourage the exchange of experience, mutual learning and transfer of new knowledge through workshops and continuing education programs for cluster managers,
  • Support for the networking activities of cluster management through joint events,
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge, in particular through the interlinking of cluster management, competence centers, cooperation networks and relevant state projects,
  • Scouting and transfer of exemplary successes, instruments and services from the national and international cluster management environment,
  • Expansion of the impact monitoring and thus increasing the visibility of cluster initiatives - especially their successes - for a broad public, and
  • Strategic advice on the further development of cluster policy and funding in Schleswig-Holstein.

Cluster-Stabsstelle Schleswig-Holstein
c/o WTSH GmbH
Lorentzendamm 24
24103 Kiel

Phone +49 431 66 66 6-850
Fax +49 431 66 66 6-790

Dr. Ulrich Hausner
Dr. Ulrich