In Context – Economic Environment

The term "economic cluster" refers to regional mergers between companies, universities and research institutes as well as affiliated organizations which maintain exchange relations along a value chain. In this environment, cluster management plays its role as a promoter of innovation networking.

All cluster managements active in Schleswig-Holstein are in close contact with a number of state-wide or regional "caretakers". They contribute to the success of the clusters with their skills and services. These include:

  • The Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein – WTSH 
    through the state-wide promotion of innovation, foreign trade and organization of location marketing
  • The regional business development companies, technology and start-up centers as regional contacts and pilots for companies.
  • Universities and research institutes as places of scientific education, research and development, as well as initiators and partners for innovation processes.
  • The competence centers of the State as a central collection center for scientific and application-oriented expertise.
  • The funding institutes of the State as donors of equity, grants, guarantees, loans and credits.
  • The Chambers of Industry and Commerce, as well as the Chambers of Trade as business-oriented consultancy service providers.
  • The education and continuing education institutions as catalysts for professional competence.