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Tourism – Tourism Cluster Schleswig-Holstein

Nurturing a thriving tourism industry

The Tourism Cluster Schleswig- Holstein, in cooperation with the state of Schleswig-Holstein and local tourism organisations, has been helping to implement the state’s 2025 Tourism Strategy since July 2015. The Tourism Cluster Management’s core tasks include monitoring and controlling, boosting companies’ competitiveness and furthering the sustainable growth of tourism in the region.

A broad range of activities

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the very heart of tourism in Schleswig-Holstein. The Tourism Cluster Management’s “Hospitality Shipyard Schleswig- Holstein” (GastgeberWerft SH) gives SMEs the tools they need to grow their businesses. Activities include regional information events on topics such as corporate strategy, changing customer demands and new marketing channels. One-to-one information sessions and workshops are also part of the cluster management’s services.

Looking to tomorrow

Sustainability is another important area of activity for the Tourism Cluster Management. This involves working with partner organisations in the tourism industry and drawing on external expertise to develop a strategy for the sustainable growth of tourism in the state. The cluster management aims to ensure that this strategy is then firmly anchored in the companies’ own strategies. Existing projects and initiatives will be integrated to promote sustainable tourism.

“The Tourism Cluster Schleswig-Holstein focuses on providing demand-driven offers and information to the tourism industry at a time of changing customer requirements.”

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