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Maritime Cluster – MCN

A network for several states

MCN is unique in that it incorporates five states. What started out in 2006 as the “Maritime Cluster Schleswig- Holstein” became a three-state initiative in 2011, when Hamburg and Lower Saxony joined. Three years later, the cluster welcomed two more partners, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Bremen. From 2017 onwards, MCN e. V. will offer companies and research institutions in all five states opportunities to intensify their collaboration, particularly with regard to exploring interfaces with other industries.

Working together for innovation

MCN supports established events such as the Kiel Marketplace. In addition, it works with GEOMAR, the “Future Ocean Excellence Cluster”, the Kiel Business Development Agency and state universities to develop project ideas and start implementing them.

MCN.SH Strategy 2022

Based on the MCN Strategy 2020 the MCN.Schleswig-Holstein in collaboration with cluster participants in Schleswig-Holstein set up a regional version of the strategy und action plan. The MCN.SH Strategy encompasses the specific competences and needs of the regional maritime economy. A version of the "MCN.SH Strategy 2022" (in German language only) can be found here

“MCN promotes the transfer of digital simulation and planning technology to maintain high quality standards in Schleswig-Holstein’s shipbuilding industry.”

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Cluster in Action: MCN

Project Munitect 

The development of cost-effective technology for the detection, qualification and clearance of ammunition in the sea is the central idea of the project Munitect. This unique project was created by the collaboration of the MCN Business Unit Schleswig-Holstein with the State Ministries as well as the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel. It was developed within the scope of "Kieler Marktplatz" as well as the event "Ammunition – Burdens of the Past at Sea", which was part of the trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg. An important role has also been played by the continuous support of the MCN group "Maritime Economy Offshore Wind".

For more safety

Ammunitions are burdens of the past and represent a risk for the economic use of our seas which is hard to assess even decades after the end of the war. To date it is difficult and cost-intensive to detect, salvage, and defuse such ammunitions. The Munitect network wants to provide ammunition detection through the development and marketing of cost-effective sensor systems.

From plan to act

In 2015, the consortium was set up under the leadership of the MCN Business Unit Schleswig-Holstein which involves companies, universities and government agencies. In February 2016, the project, sponsored by the BMWi, jumped out of the starting blocks under the direction of Fraunhofer IGD Rostock.

"The organizations involved share the vision of a powerful and cost-effective sensor platform which allows the efficient detection of ammunition loads in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea."
Dr. Kristina Bauer
Dr. Kristina Bauer
Fraunhofer IGD. Rostock