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Life Sciences – LSN

Fostering innovation in the healthcare industry

The Life Science Nord cluster brings together businesses, universities, research institutes, clinics and service providers based in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein that specialise in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. While the Life Science Nord Management GmbH cluster agency functions as a service provider and catalyst for innovation, Life Science Nord e. V. represents the interests of more than 220 members.

Major value chains

The cluster boosts a broad range of companies and represents entire value chains. While clinics compile information on gaps and challenges in the healthcare market, universities and research institutes develop diverse new technologies and solutions, often in cooperation with companies. These innovations are then tested in clinical studies before companies transform them into marketable products. Suppliers and service providers are involved in realising and manufacturing these products.

Outstanding management

The Life Science Nord cluster agency was awarded the EU Gold Label in 2016 in recognition of its outstanding network management. The award – the only one of its kind in Europe – saw Life Science Nord become part of a high-profile group of excellent cluster management organisations.

“The cluster focuses on topics that are set to become increasingly important in the future, such as diseases of the musculoskeletal system, hygiene and infection, and the digitalisation of the healthcare industry.”

Life Science Nord Management GmbH
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Büro Kiel
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Dr. Hinrich Habeck
Dr. Hinrich Habeckhabeck@lifesciencenord.de

Cluster in Action: LSN 

Excellent cluster management

In order to identify the focus topics in the cluster and to support the needs and potentials of the industry in a targeted manner, Life Science Nord has developed a cluster strategy in 2013 in close collaboration with the players from business, science and politics.

Continuous progress

For the implementation and ongoing development of the strategy, the members bring their experiences into the working groups of the sponsoring association. They work out common positions and start initiatives built upon them. In doing so, broad topics such as product licensing or personnel development are taken up, as are focused aspects of certain technologies or production methods. The focus of future topics will be on diseases of the locomotor system, the area of hygiene and infection, as well as the digitization of the health care system.

Gold label

The structural and organizational adaptations and the thematic work of Life Science Nord, which build on the strategy process, have led to cluster management being awarded the gold label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative at the beginning of 2016. It is now part of an exclusive cluster management organization that is visible in Europe and far beyond.

“Thanks to the broad network of Life Science Nord, we are now collaborating with clinical and industrial representatives in an international innovation project.”
Christina Bober
Christina Bober
Managing Director of soventec GmbH